Our Story1
Our Story1

Our Story

The story of KFit has evolved over 25 years and started when Kelly was young and encouraged to participate in many different activities. Through her scholastic years she was active in dancing, track and field, swimming and diving, and gymnastics and was encouraged and supported by her active family.


Years later and after her fourth child, Kelly’s fitness level had changed.  Like so many others, she found herself extremely overweight and lacking the desire to be active.  It was at this time that she decided things needed to change.  She made it her mission to educate herself with the most up to date and scientifically based exercise protocol to lose the weight and be a healthier person.  It was during this personal transition that Kelly realized so many other men and women are in similar situations and that she could help them.


This led to Killer Fitness Athletic Club, a support and community based club where like minded men and women gathered to help each other achieve their health and fitness goals.  Under Kelly’s guidance and leadership the club has grown over a period of more than ten years.  With over 150 members Killer Fitness Athletic Club now has a triathlon team with triathletes ranging from 18 to 76 years old.


In the years since the forming of her athletic club, Kelly was missing one thing… a home.  Through continuous suggestions from her membership and having worked at most of the fitness facilities in the area, Kelly decided to create KFit Studios with the goals of creating a more innovative, scientifically based, state of the art facility that takes pride in the education and proper certifications of its employees while not losing the camaraderie and group support so vital to the existence of the athletic club.


Enter Jeff… As an advanced degreed engineer and lifelong athlete, Jeff’s influence and talents are very evident in KFit Studios.  His meticulous approach to the design and his knowledge of the technology of fitness was invaluable during the creation of the studios and fitness center.  You will often see Jeff participating in the fitness classes as well as continuing to help KFit Studios maintain their position at the forefront of cutting edge fitness technology.